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If, from the pictures, you think this session was a lot of fun, you would be right! Catherine came in to get some pictures in time for turning TWO! I hadn’t seen her in over a year and it was amazing to see her toddling around the room, listening to her talk and just all the different things I was able to learn about her personality in a couple of hours. As long as she was willing to keep on playing for pictures, we kept doing different sets and ideas: from playing in the tent, painting with Mommy, having a snack or cuddling with Daddy, there was no shortage of things to do! She loved the apples and it brought me such joy to see her little face scrunch up every time she took a bite (she made the sour face)! You’ll see the pic below and seriously, it’s the cutest thing and just simply, Catherine! She is very expressive, knows what she wants and doesn’t want. Seems very comfortable around new people (I’m sure she doesn’t remember that I took her pictures at eight months!) and loves bubbles but please – DON’T mess with her snacks – she fights back!!

Serge and Janie, it was wonderful to see the three of you again! She’s grown into such a beautiful little girl with big expressions and a flair for having fun!

Enjoy your preview!!

Alex, Mommy and Daddy came to see me to mark Alex’s 1/2 birthday! He is six months old already and though a little shy at first, he warmed up to me as quickly as this stage will allow. It’s not like he remembers me from when he was a week old! Mommy and Daddy are his comfort and security in any new situation, so as long as they were there to reassure him, he was just as cute as could be for each shot! His face lit up when he was looking at Mommy and Daddy and then that smile would fade immediately once focused back on me! Not hard to see that he adores them or that they feel the same way!

Each time I meet up with my “Grow-with-me” babies, it amazes me the growth and development that happens for each stage. Here he is, sitting, communicating, playing, smiling and eating food! Those big, beautiful eyes and a smile that lights up his whole face when he connects with Mommy or Daddy. That never gets old for me to see and capture. These younger years are building a foundation for the years to come. He is learning trust and his self-esteem and confidence are already developing under their constant care. Alex is growing and learning in every situation from playtime to falling down while learning to sit on his own.

It was so wonderful to spend some time with the three of you again. Enjoy your preview! I love this first pic of a boy and his best buddy!!

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce little Lila to the world! Big sister, Lucy, along with Mommy and Daddy are so happy to have her here!

We met up in between snow storms for some family and newborn photos. Lucy is a busy two year old who loves being on the move and has transitioned into the role of big sister the way most toddlers do – somewhat unaware and somewhat curious! The biggest change is now having to share Mommy and Daddy’s time and waiting in anticipation for baby sister to be able to play!

Oliver, thank you for being patient in the studio with all us gals! You were a trooper!

Natalie, thanks for all your help spotting and transitioning little Lila, and for the chats! You were an amazing assistant and I really enjoyed our time. It’s wonderful to talk with other Mamas about their experiences (good, bad and ugly!) and I always learn something new.

Congratulations to all of you on the arrival of baby Lila. And now, there are FOUR!!

Enjoy your preview!

This session combined a lot of favorites for me: a sweet family, beautiful baby bump, family play, winter shoot (that didn’t last long!) and a toddler!

These were taken just before Christmas but saved so cards could be sent out. Most shots were done in the studio before going outside because frankly, it’s warmer in there! I always like to incorporate as many ideas into a session as I can and Becky and Ty are always up for trying my ideas. After two years of pictures with me, they trust my ideas, even when they are a little crazy!

Alistair loves being outside and does a lot of activities with Mommy and Daddy at any time of year but it was a bit cold! They had a gentle snow fight and Alistair enjoyed tasting it for the first time! His face was priceless because who knew, it would be so cold! It looks light and fluffy and delicious!

Will baby be a little sister or brother for Alistair? I’m officially going to go with girl. I’ve noticed over the years that it seems to go in cycles and my last newborn session was a baby girl after a long row of boys!

Congratulations Becky and Ty, you’re in the home stretch now! Not much longer before baby makes his / her big debut! I can’t wait to meet them, either way, and see what props Becky is busy knitting!! hint hint!

The journey into parenthood ranges on a scale from “surprise” to “planned” to “struggle” and everything in between. Not many experiences are exactly the same and most of us can relate to the feelings of excitement, apprehension and overwhelming awe when that little one finally makes their debut into the world. Then there are some that can only be described as miraculous! Their personal story is not mine to share, but these pictures capturing a beautiful part of their story, are!

Mommy, Daddy and Gavin came to see me for some pictures with a very special prop – Mommy’s belly!! Due to arrive very soon, is little Gummibear, their precious little miracle baby.

Gavin is very enthusiastic about becoming a big brother and eating gummibears however; pictures are “kinda boring” – direct quote, Gavin, age 5!!

Gavin did however leave five gummibears to share with me and my family! He said “there’s one even for your Daddy”! He also stole my heart when he came over and grabbed my hand as they were leaving and said that I should hide them for the kids because it’s lots of fun to have to find them! Such a sweet boy and I have the feeling that he is going to make a great BIG brother!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the three of you! Enjoy your sneak peek!!

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