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We met up for a quick mini-session – well it ended up being a very quick mini-session! Little Ainsley would have nothing to do with being put down which, although a little frustrating for Mommy and Daddy trying to get pictures, is really pretty darn cute! How amazing is it to have this child that wants nothing more than to just be near you? Everyone says it, I know, but enjoy all the cuddles and kisses because they grow up so fast and then whiz past you in the house, without a glance, once they have their own interests that have long since developed to include much more than just their parents! Both stages are wonderful for their own reasons, I’ll leave it at that!!

It was great to meet the three of you! Enjoy your sneak peek!

It finally happened. A moment that I have feared for many years. I was a minute from my photo shoot and realized that my camera battery was still in its charger, plugged in – AT HOME! After a moment of panic (at a red light where I confirmed the aforementioned fear), I pulled into a parking spot at the waterfowl park, grabbed my camera case and found my backup, put it in and voila – problem solved. The reason why I’m even mentioning this is because until three weeks ago, I didn’t have a backup. Preparing for a wedding shoot led me to realize that it was really just a matter of time before normal human error required me to have one. So I purchased one, threw it in my case and didn’t think of it again – until I needed it! Ryan and Leah arrived while I was happily gathering leaves for the kids and knew not of my moment of panic – until they read this! HA! Being prepared for anything is a huge lesson that I have learned as a parent: keep swimming supplies in the vehicle at all times, always have fever meds in the cupboard, and band aids should be kept everywhere.

Nelly, at almost 3, is silly – all the time! She has a big personality, lots of energy and loves to laugh. She was very entertaining and I suspect, keeps Mommy on her toes!

Baxter just turned one and he smiles – all the time! He met me, and smiled – sat down, and smiled, hit his sister and smiled – ate leaves and smiled – came to me, and smiled. Can you see a pattern? I am sure, he has smiled more than any other model EVER (with the exception of a bride)!! Well done Bax! He is lovely and that smile is contagious!

Ryan and Leah, it was great to see all of you again! I’m so glad we were able to meet up! Enjoy your preview!

Another beautiful fall day, another trip to Beech Hill Park to meet up with a fabulous looking family! It doesn’t get any better than that for this photographer – especially with these cuter-than-cute little ones!!

The reason I do these write-ups is to make each session a little more personal. Usually, something that happens or something that is said prompts a little glimpse into that particular family, their personalities or life in general. Well, what grabbed my attention during this session was little Alexa’s expression of wonder when she was looking at the bubbles. Sometimes, the things that we take for granted may be incredible to someone else. We need to take the time, especially today in this incredibly fast-paced society we live in, to slow down and enjoy the little things. Especially with our children! Bubbles, a game of a catch, tag, catching frogs, making a cardboard house, exploring the woods or jumping in the leaves can all rejuvenate the soul especially seeing the joy it brings someone else!

Thank you so much, each one of you, for a wonderful session. Having fun together makes for the best family pictures! Enjoy your preview!

Jessyca and Matt returned for some maternity pictures after doing a really fun reveal back in May. Well, Mommy and baby have done some growing in these last few months and we wanted to capture this very special time as they get closer and closer to welcoming their SON to the world. That’s right, they’ve also found out that they’re having a BOY!

Honestly, they say that pregnant women are radiant but I think both Mommy and Daddy were radiant for this session. I hope you don’t mind my saying that Matt!! They had lots of fun together and with these two, I’m beginning to see, there are always lots of laughs. They were laughing with each other and at themselves which is a really special quality. Matt commenting on his inability to  “fake” smile and Jessyca discussing her new and improved maternity eating schedule – always!

I can’t wait to meet him!! Enjoy your peek!

Although Krista, Kahlan and Sky loved their fairy photos, there was someone very important missing: DADDY!! We met up again for some family photos and, once again, I had perfect little (and big) models to work with! We had another gorgeous fall day and as you will see from the pictures below, it was all smiles, laughter and fun. If these are the pictures that hang on the walls of your home, maybe, just maybe, the harder days will be a little brighter! I couldn’t stop smiling while I edited them!

Enjoy your preview!! Thanks for another fabulous session.