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I have been sitting at my desk this morning, tunes cranked, getting this little surprise ready for Becky! Her and Landyn met up with me only last night and I wanted to get her post up right away. Becky is always surprising her son, so I know she loves surprises. This is just a little one for her – she gets her preview in just over 12 hours!

We had a beautiful sunset last night. Landyn was such a champ, even though his teeth were chattering a bit towards the end! His super-watt smile only got bigger when he got his hockey stick in hand but his tenderness with Mommy for their pictures together was what caught this Mommy’s attention!! No hesitation at all. It’s easy to see that near her, is one of his favorite places to be – maybe with a hockey game on, or a book to read to make it perfect!

Thank you so much Becky and Landyn for another wonderful, fun session. “Love” was definitely the right choice! (Don’t worry, that won’t make sense to anyone but us three)!!

Enjoy your preview and have a wonderful weekend! 

It was lovely to meet up with this wonderful family again this year! We chose Mapleton Park which is big and beautiful with lots of different areas for pictures! Cohen and Hunter would disagree though, they think it has lots of beautiful areas for running – not pictures!! I didn’t ask them what their favorite part of the shoot was because I’m pretty certain they would have said “the end”!!

Paul and Kim have their hands full with these two healthy, happy, busy boys!! Like most children I work with, they were far more interested in playing than posing for pictures! We did our best and I really love patiently waiting to see each child’s personality, whatever that may be: shy, silly, happy or pouting – they are all adorable to me!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Kim and Paul, you were both amazing behind the scenes and deserve the credit for getting these! Well done and I hope everyone enjoyed a well deserved ice cream – you certainly burned it off!

Enjoy your preview!

Baby Julia came to see me at just six days old. She is very obviously not old enough to come on her own for a visit, so her family came along! Big brother Nathan, Mommy and Daddy were so relaxed it was easy to see where Julia gets it! After a quick feeding, she was ready to go, giving me smiles and just a bit of a fight every now and then for disturbing her sleep!

Nathan was here the duration of the lengthy newborn shoot for little sister and most of the time I couldn’t even tell he was there. Playing with trucks or hanging out with Mommy and Daddy, he was so content. Mommy had told me that he may be shy with me, but I didn’t see it. He was wonderful in front of the camera and behind the scenes!! Well done buddy!

One picture that stands out to me from this session is the one of Mommy and Nathan hugging. Jamie and I were chatting about how your “baby” grows into a toddler overnight, the day your second arrives. You have this child and although you know there has been so much growth, it doesn’t actually hit you until you’re holding a newborn in your arms and you are able to compare and remember with disbelief that they were that small once. It reminds me of the flooding of emotion I felt when my oldest came to visit me in the hospital to meet his little brother. I was so happy to see him but he seemed so different. Strange too, was the idea of sharing my love between two. I wondered how I would divide my love but it didn’t take long to realize that there is no dividing, your love just expands to include each one.

Jamie and Joe, congratulations on your perfect little addition. It was wonderful meeting the four of you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Enjoy your sneak peek. 

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My baby, Madeline, just turned five AND had her first day of kindergarten. I’m not really sure where the time went and although there is a sense of sadness as this chapter as a stay-at-home Mom closes, there is also an excitement as I make some plans for – myself – just me again. This week approaching, I will, for the first time in just under a decade, have numerous hours to fill without the constant chatter, needs and demands of having a toddler in tow. I have, in the hardest moments with little ones, dreamt of this sort of freedom and now I wonder if I didn’t wish some of those special days away. And for what? More silence, organization, work? What of those things is more important than being a Mom? None of them really but I do think that this will give me a greater sense of balance between being a Mom and being my own woman. I look forward to having more time for photography, exercise and studying too! I have been home for nine years with my children and I can’t believe how fast that time has gone by. Grades kindergarten, two and four this year when it feels like yesterday, I was pregnant with two toddlers in tow!

Madeline, you are the rainbows and sunshine of this family. Your joyfulness and bubbly excitement are contagious to me and I am always inspired to do and be better for you. I want you to grow up to be a strong, independent woman who isn’t scared to reach for the stars. I believe the only way to do this is to live it by my own example. Being home with all of you before school is one of my greatest dreams come true and I am so thankful that I have been able to do so. Starting a business during that time was an unexpected blessing and I look forward to having more time to concentrate on that!!

One funny little tidbit from our shoot, I realized at bedtime that her dress was on backwards! Happy Birthday Sneak. We love you!

Krista was a winner of my annual Christmas Giveaway and we went back and forth on ideas and when we should have the session. Well, it turns out that she had a really special birthday this year and it was decided!! We met up the day before her BIG day, along with her two beautiful daughters, Kahlan and Sky. Auntie Angie came along to help out with the girls and we went to a beautiful location here in Sackville that my boys have nicknamed “Root Valley” because of all the tree roots you need to watch out for along the trail!

It was a beautiful day and there were two very excited little girls who were absolutely perfect while they used their imaginations to pretend that they were fairies sleeping and holding beautiful butterflies! Then, just as sisters holding hands, hugging and playing. They were amazed by the surroundings, walked quite far without complaint and squealed with delight when a squirrel joined the party! Kahlan said her favorite part of our time together was the pictures and the squirrel! Sky was more shy but broke out of her shell the second she heard me say “poopy bum”!! Yes, that’s my top secret way of getting silly smiles!!

Krista, what an accomplishment to be where you are! A beautiful woman, mother, wife, friend, sister, co-worker and the list goes on. Your blessings are many and among them most of all, these two lucky girls who have you as their Queen Fairy! Glad you had a happy birthday surrounded with family and friends celebrating all you are and all you’ve accomplished!

Thank you for bringing all the ideas together!! Enjoy your sneak peek!