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It has been just over two years since I first met up with Becky and Tyler in Beech Hill Park for their maternity session. Since this will be their last session with me, we thought it would be fun to finish where we started.

When Alistair got out of the truck in his most adorable jeans and suspenders, I thought he was just perfect. Then Mommy plopped his hat on and handed him a harmonica and I almost swooned! I was a very excited photographer! What a handsome little man he is growing into!! Playing and dancing, clapping and cuddling – it didn’t matter – he was happy!

Theodore, at just two and half months, is still mostly oblivious to it all. He just needed to be held and protected from the merciless army of black flies we were battling!

Becky and Ty, you are always so easy to photograph. Those beautiful smiles and ability to just relax in front of the camera and have some family fun. This one was special and I am going to miss creating these sessions with you and documenting your family’s growth!

All the best to the four of you! Thank you for all your support over the years! Enjoy your preview!

Piper and Isla met up with me at Mapleton Park along with Mommy and Daddy on a beautiful, sunny day! They are 18 months old and although these adorable twin girls look so much alike, there are already personality differences that even I could pick up on in the short time we were together! I couldn’t believe how similar they were, even their teeth have come in exactly the same! The only way I could tell the difference is Piper had a little scratch on her cheek and Isla mixed it up with one on her forehead!!!

It would seem to me that Isla is a little more outgoing (see the first picture below) and Piper a little more reserved! Both with those stunning blue eyes and a soft spot for bunny!!

I happen to have twins on both sides of the family. My brother and my brother-in-law have a set of twins, so I understand that the workload is not simply doubled with twins. No, it is far beyond that! Mike and Erin, you handled this like pros even though it was a new experience – their very first photo shoot – and everyone did so well! The girls were so sweet with each other, Mommy and Daddy and while playing with their stuffies! A little shy and in typical toddler fashion, a little uninterested in posing for pictures!

Mike, I have to apologize again for teasing you about the smile! As you can see below, I was mistaken!

Thank you so much for a wonderful session! It was great to meet the four of you and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!

  • Shelley AndrewsMay 24, 2017 - 1:06 pm

    Omg!!! These turned out so well. My brother is a lucky man!! Look at those gorgeous ladies in his life ❤️ReplyCancel

To all the amazing women out there who know what it’s like to finally hold their child in their arms for the first time. Whether that child grew within your heart or belly and whether that first embrace happened at minutes old, days old or years old. Enjoy this day of celebration for all you do in the name of love: the pain, the joy, the tears, the milestones, the worry, the guilt, the sleepless nights, the mommy meltdowns, the belly laughs and the “Love you Mom” that makes it totally worth it.


Jackston and Mommy came to see me to celebrate his being ONE year old! He is so adorable with his wispy blond hair and bright blue eyes, his lightning speed and curiosity. He didn’t have any interest in sitting still for pictures but playing with bubbles and splashing around in the bath – THAT was fun!!

Mommy and I had a great chat about how difficult it is to let go of the baby stage when you are experiencing it for the last time. Jackston has an older brother and sister and Mommy is savouring all these experiences with Jackston for the third time but so different because all of his firsts are her lasts as a Mommy! It gives you heightened emotions and a bittersweet edge as you leave behind a stage and move forward into a new one! Thankfully, our saving grace is that there is always that one thing that you are so excited for them to outgrow: when you stop checking on them constantly as they sleep, forever removing tiny objects from their mouth and running after them EVERYWHERE like a mad woman!

Thank you so much for coming to see me! He is so sweet. Enjoy each moment Amanda, and your pictures!

Lyla has always dreamed of being Rapunzel and well, dreams are really important because if we don’t have a dream, then they definitely won’t come true! For Lyla, this one did. Mama and her planned everything for the session and the day of, turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day in the middle of about 15 days of rain! Everything came together for Lyla’s big day – and she was vibrating with excitement!!

She recently turned 9 and this is a big deal! The double digits are next, she’s close to being a tween and growing up so fast! Melissa and Ben really wanted to celebrate with this session that would make her dream come true! To have this special memory of their little girl before she is little no longer! I wanted to capture a few different things throughout this session:

Lyla’s personality. With her own poses, ideas and silliness! She is a very confident, funny and outgoing girl!

Her role as a big sister. Such a difference between her little sister and brother. They both adore her but while Felicity watched and stuck closer to sissy, Jasper was off having his own type of fun! He explored the woods and made “antlers” for himself out of tree branches – none of that twirling princess stuff for him!!

Her role as a daughter. The love she has for her Mommy and Daddy. Different – yes, but both such a special part of her developmental years! Even the story of Rapunzel is about a girl who is always drawn towards the parents she didn’t even know she had. Parents are our first superheroes!

Thank you, to all of you, for a wonderful and special session. Lyla, I have watched you grow over the years and I hope you never lose that confidence you have in who you are. Always remember you ARE a princess as a child of the King!

  • AmityMay 6, 2017 - 3:29 pm

    Absolutely amazing work! It really captures everything wonderful about Lyla…and the whole family! Well done.ReplyCancel