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Every year, the Moeller family meets up in a central location, some of them travelling quite a distance to spend a weekend together. This year, because of their growing numbers, they asked me to come and take some group and family pictures and I was happy to do so. We ended up changing our time to beat the rain (we ended up with five minutes to spare!) and when these five little girls came in with their matching rainbow dresses, I just about melted!

It was a bit chaotic with seven children, six and under but I am totally up for a challenge! In our short time together there was a fresh boo boo, lots of tears from the little ones and a few (mostly inaudible) moans from the bigger ones about taking more pictures – but we did it!! We got everyone in: each family, each child and each couple within our hour and I thank each and everyone one of you for being so helpful! My favorite moment was during the grandchildren shot, when I started singing “itsy bitsy spider” to get the littlest ones attention and everyone else just joined right in! Regardless of whether you wanted to help or needed to drown out my singing, I really appreciated it!

A loving family is a treasure to be cherished and it is easy to tell that you all do! It was wonderful to meet all of you. Enjoy this preview from our session and all the memories from your weekend together!!

Aldrick turned one a few weeks ago and Auntie Krista wanted to bring him in to mark such a special milestone! He’s getting so close to walking, still likes to suck his thumb, wants to climb out of what we put him in and climb off of what we put him on – such a busy, busy stage! He also loves his Auntie Krista and she sure adores him!

We met up on an extremely humid and hot day and he showed no mercy! Auntie and I were looking a little wilted by the end of the session but oh Aldrick, it was worth every drop of sweat! Love those beautiful eyes and toes and curls so much!! He also had an audience for the cupcake smash – my three kiddos enjoyed watching him – although they may have been hoping for crumbs. There were none. Aldrick has a sweet tooth!!

Thanks for coming to see me again! Loved every minute!!

Sweet baby Isla came back to see me a few days after her newborn session along with the rest of her family. It suited their schedule better to separate the sessions into two and I was happy to oblige – I got to see her twice!

She settled down quite quickly for us and while her two {busy} big brothers played, we concentrated on her with Mommy and Daddy, then added Cameron and Reid into it. They did so well, as gentle and adoring with their little sister as can be expected at their age! It’s not easy when there are toys to play with, treats to eat and lots of new things to see! Well done boys!!

Karen and Matt, thank you so much for your patience in the studio. Enjoy your preview!

Sweet, baby Isla was here at eight days old with Mommy to make her big debut! Mommy was able to rest a bit while Isla and I planned some surprises! She was a dream to work with and I so enjoyed some newborn snuggles while Mommy enjoyed an hour of relative silence (white noise) and limited “Mommy duty”!

Karen, it was so nice to spend this time with you and I so enjoyed our chat. There were a few maternal tears spilled (by me mostly!). It doesn’t matter, I always well up with newborns especially chatting with Moms as they tell me their story, always so beautiful to hear. No matter how dramatic an arrival, there is always this love, that just obliterates the trauma we women experience in childbirth. It’s seems like, once we see our baby’s face, this fog surrounds the whole experience and in time you forget all together or there would be no second pregnancies! haha

Congratulations Karen, Matt, Cam and Reid on the arrival of little Isla! She is a perfect little addition to the family! Enjoy your sneak peek!

It is amazing how much a baby grows in the first year! I last saw Jaxon at only days old and now here he is, at seven months, with all that gorgeous hair and a most adorable grin! He wants to be on the move so bad that I’m pretty sure Mommy and Daddy aren’t far away from chasing him all around the house! Get ready because it’s a whole new world once they are mobile!

During our time together for this little session it was easy to see that he loves music, playing with Mommy and Daddy, taking in all that is around him and exploring what is within reach! He is not interested in staying put and he may, at this point, be a little intimidated by a camera! We’ll work on that Jaxon!

Thanks for visiting. It was great to see the three of you again!